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Our Wedding Services in a Nutshell

Thank you for your interest. 

It would be a great pleasure for us to be of service to you on your special day. 
We would like to invite you to come over to our offices where we can discuss your  exact requirements so we can give you the best quality/price balance and explain  the process in more in detail.
We look forward to meeting you.

We understand that your wedding day is not a rehearsal and you can only get it right once, this is why we have developed a number of complementary services that give you peace of mind on your special day.
  • Complementary Personalised, professional advice
  • No Deposit required upon order
  • Complementary delivery service
  • On call service during your reception.
  • All items ordered on a return basis
  • Pick up service against a small charge for returned bottles

Wedding Drinks

Second only to food, the drinks are key to your guests overall quality experience at your wedding. 
Calculating the drinks order is one of the most difficult tasks when organising a wedding. No matter how well you know the guests you are inviting, the advice of an experienced specialist will save you time and money. It will also help you rest assured that you don’t run out of drinks on the night.
Very often opting to buy in third party drinks and paying the corkage fee will allow you to buy better quality at a comparable price. Wedding Halls, Restaurants and Hotels tend to have higher prices and do not offer a large selection of drinks.
Hansa offers over 1,000 different products to choose from; coupled with experienced advice, we can recommend the right drinks combination to delight all your guests and match your type of crowd. 
Deciding how many drinks and which type to order in what quantities is a difficult one. Hansa has been organising wedding drinks for over 30 years. We put our expertise at your service for no extra charge when you order your drinks from us. 
Over the years we have understood the concerns of our customers. This is why to ensure your peace of mind we also do not take a deposit on the drinks and provide on-call service during your wedding, meaning that if you run out of any drink we will bring more during your function. 
You can also return any unopened drinks to us after the event and you will not be charged for unopened and undamaged bottles.

Wedding Meal Wines

Hansa can offer you professional advice on food matching based on your particular dish choices. 
Choosing the right wines to complement the delicate palate of a special wedding meal is very important. In the case of a meal perhaps this is more crucial because the wrong flavours can dissonate with the fine meal being catered.
The wines should ideally be versatile and broadly match the food. Wines known to be crowd pleasers suit this best. This will allow you to avoid food and wine clashes and appeal to a wider audience at the same time. 
Your order should contain varied amounts of red, white and Rose; requirements tend to change with the season with more red being preferred in the colder months and more white in the summer. However generally one would order half a bottle per person with a percentage extra based on your knowledge of the guests or known averages.
We purposely stock a large variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink brands, practically all the brands available in Malta, to be able to match your quality / price requirements more evenly without having to compromise.
Fill in the form below to book a meeting with us for a free no commitment consultation or scroll down to fill in a form and get a quote for your wedding drinks just fill in the form below with the details required! Congratulations! and best of luck for your wedding day!

Welcome Drinks

Themed weddings organised by specialist wedding planners in Malta, are becoming increasingly popular. The style and quality of your welcome drink can help set the mood for the whole event that is why its important to get it right. 
From cocktails to fizzy pop drinks, Hansa provides a wide variety of high quality and affordable fizzy wines and Champagnes for your wedding opening drink.

Wine Tasting

Not sure what your crowd would enjoy? Take the guess work out of your decisions. Why not plan a small wine evening at your house with friends and family. Just order our recommended wines from our website and we’ll deliver them to your place for a delightful evening with friends and family.