A Maltese Tasting Experience

Malta has been producing wine for hundreds of years. Along with olive oil production the islands were a production hub during the Roman occupation. Wines from around the Mediterranean including Malta was used to supply occupied northern European countries of the time. The production of wine was almost nonexistent during the Arab rule but was revitalized during successive foreign rules.

The Maltese wine industry we see today is the fruit of countless winemakers and vine growers that have worked tirelessly for the past 20 years. Succeeding in bringing up the general level of Maltese wine to that of other long-established wine regions. We are proud to stock a wide variety of Maltese wines, from both boutique wineries and larger producers that have been producing wine for generations.

Learn more about Maltese wine production along while tasting some of the best wines the island has to offer.

Here is a suggested line-up;
Cassar de Malte
Astarte Vermentino
Grand Vin de Hautville Oak Aged Chardonnay

However, we strive to offer our customers bespoke tastings. So get in touch to book and set up your own tasting.

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