Brewdog 12 Beers of Christmas

  • Country: Scotland  | 
  • Volume: 33cl x 12


Code: BRW005

Brand new for the holiday season at home or away, this epic variety pack includes heavenly headliners, seasonal favourites and our much-loved Hoppy Xmas. The perfect gift for your beer-loving family and friends or, even better after a tough year, a sneaky little present from 'me to me'.

This 12 pack includes one of each of the following beers; Hazy Jane Guava, Lost in Mango, Hoppy Xmas, Velvet Cake, Punk IPA, Lost Lager, Elvis Juice, Hazy Jane, Dead Pony Club, Planet Pale, Mallow Laser Quest, Jagged Edge and comes in the bespoke packaging as shown.

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